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We are now running our very own 300 Club!

We are inviting all our members, friends and family to join in the fun. It’s simple to join and here’s how it works:

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300 Club Rules

The purpose of the 300 Club is to raise funds benefiting all participants by offering a very attractive incentive in prize monies to subscribers. The money will be used to meet funding requests from the club as well as primarily support the renovation and modernisation of the clubhouse and changing facilities. The 300 Club will operate as a Small Lottery as defined by the Gambling Act 2005.
  1. The draw will take place in the clubhouse on the 1st weekend of each month. There will always be an independent person in attendance to witness the draw and to verify the results.
  2. Anyone over 16 years of age can become a member of the 300 Club.
  3. Participation is open to members and non-members of Datchworth Sports Club.
  4. The 300 Club shall not be limited to 300 members. The more numbers we sell, the bigger the prizes!
  5. Members must complete an online application form and direct debit mandate.
  6. The subscription to the 300 Club for one number shall be £5 per month payable monthly in advance by direct debit.
  7. All allocated numbers will be placed into the monthly draw.
  8. The number/s allocated shall remain the member’s provided their subscription is up to date. Members may subscribe/purchase more than one number. Subscriptions will automatically continue
  9. The 300 club will be run on a monthly basis. Admission to the draw will commence in the month following receipt of the subscription, provided subscriptions are up to date.
  10. A member is eligible for inclusion in the draw so long as the subscription for that month has been paid.
  11. Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the 300 Club if his or her subscription is cancelled
  12. Members wishing to leave the 300 Club should contact their bank and cancel their direct debit and inform us in writing via email. No refunds will be issued.
  13. Registers will be kept recording the name and email address of each member, the number(s) allocated to them, and the payments received from them.
  1. The regular monthly prize fund will be 35% of the monthly income— there will be three prizes: 300 Club Prizes are as follows: 

300 Club prizes are as follows:

1st prize = 20% of the monthly fund

2nd prize = 10% of the monthly fund

3rd prize = 5% of the monthly fund


Christmas Draw:

1st prize = 30% of the monthly fund

2nd prize = 20% of the monthly fund

3rd prize = 10% of the monthly fund

  1. The 300 Club Administrators will make all reasonable efforts to pay the winners within a reasonable period after the monthly draw.
  2. Prize winners will be notified in writing and payment will be made by bank transfer as advised by the member. Prize winning numbers will be listed on the club website and the club social media sites each month after the draw. You will be asked if you are happy for us to publish your name.
  3. The allocation of numbers and draw results will also be available from the scheme secretary on request.
  4. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into the 300 Club funds after 3 months.
  5. The decision of the 300 Club Administrators shall be final in all matters requiring adjudication.
  6. The 300 Club Administrators shall also have the power to amend or revoke these rules at their absolute discretion with such reasonable notice to the 300 Club members as is necessary.
  7. Once an application has been received an email will be sent containing your allocated number/s.

DSC 300 Club Administrators:

DSC 300 Club Secretary = Lynne Solomon

DSC 300 Club Treasurer = Kira Lindsey

Datchworth Sports Club (DSC) is licensed by East Herts District Council, license number 22/1387/GASSL to operate the 300 Club as a small society lottery in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005. The DSC 300 Club Secretary shall operate the lottery on a monthly basis and shall maintain a record of all eligible tickets, income, expenses, prizes and prize winners.